Clinical effectiveness of the various approaches for infertility treatment in women with PCOS and hyperprolactinemia

Gladchuk IZ  Semenyuta OM  Onyshchenko YV  

【摘要】ObjectiveTo evaluate the clinical efficiency of different treatments cancellation and infertility in women with PCOS and hyperprolactinemia.MethodWe performed retrospective analysis of 502consecutive case histories during 5 years of reproductive results of treatment of women is with anovulatory infertility,caused by different factors.Aim of the study was to determine the efficiency of conservative and surgical treatment.ResultDifferentiated application of conservative medical therapy allows to attain the effect of proceeding in a fertile function in 33,8%of patients.It is found that surgical induction of ovulation by ovarian laparoscopic partial degradation is an option in the management of female infertility associated with PCOS,especially as a second-line treatment after the failure of clomiphene citrate treatment,enhancing the efficiency of complex infertility treatment to 40%.ConclusionsIt is feasible to develop an algorithm differentiated use of infertility treatments in women with PCOS and hyperprolactinemia.

【作者单位】 Odessa 
【关键词】 Polycystic ovary syndrome(PCOS) reproductive health hyperandrogenism infertilityhyperprolactinemia hirsutism menstruation disorders. 

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